Cuppels v Mountaire Corporation et al.
Civil Action No. S18C-06-009 CAK
Delaware Superior Court


The deadline to file a Registration Form is March 22, 2021.

In order to file a claim online, you must use the unique Login and Password that was issued to you and can be located below your name and address on the Notice package mailed to you.

A separate Registration Form must be completed for each Claimant and/or property.

Each login and password is only valid for one use. If you did not receive a Login or would like to file additional Registration Forms, you will need to request Login(s) and password(s) by clicking here and the Login will be sent to the email address that you provide.

If you already have a Login and wish to file a Registration Form, you may file online by clicking here.

If you cannot locate the Login and password sent to you in the Notice package, please contact the Settlement Administrator at (844) 951-2344 or in order to request that it be resent.